The Conduit Fellows Expert Network

Surrounding our companies with the deepest bench of hardware experts.

Our Fellows expert network represents every major aspect of experience and access that any company might face. They offer a wealth of experience, mentorship, and advisory services to ensure the support of our companies from day 0 through growth.

The Conduit Fellows are the strategic element that will catalyze our entrepreneurs' ability to create disruptive and impactful companies...
Amish Patel
Founder, Conduit Venture Labs
Conduit Fellow
Tap into the "Full-Stack" of hardware and software executives, builders and startup executors

From funding, firmware, and factories our Conduit Fellows support our portfolio companies across the gauntlet of hurdles that any disruptive physical-tech company may encounter.

Investors, advisors, mentors and board members who have been there before.

Our Fellows volunteer their time and expertise to guide our startups from strategic product mvps, hardware and software execution, through growth rounds of fundraising.

The Conduit Fellows

We are hundreds strong... a community of builders, thinkers, creators and investors all aligned with a common mission to de-risk hardware venture building and support entrepreneurship to become a team-sport !

Christy Johnson

Board Member

Strategy &
Artemis Connection

Don Coyner

Strategic Design
Brand, GTM


Gabriella Draney Zielke

CEO, Scifi Author, Founder and Venture Partner

Todd Holmdahl

FMR Head of Hardware
Microsoft Quantum, XBOX, MS Hardware

Alex Capecelatro


Taylor Black

Principal, Microsoft Incubation Studio

Amanda Giannini

CFO, General Partner
ReAlign Ventures

Natasha Baker

Founder, CEO, SnapEDA

Steve Kaneko

Design Leader
Hololens, Zune, PC Hardware

Ivan Almaral

Design Leader

Sai Dhanak

CPO/VP Product

Benjamin Rappoport

Product and Design Specialist
xApple, xSonos

Dhruva Rajendra

CPO / Product Builder


Operations Executive
xAugust Home

Andrew Kontra

Director of Product Technology at Latch, Matter Board Member

Shannon Eubanks

VP Hardware Engineering
Regulatory and Compliance

Stuart Ashmun

Hardware Executive / Leader
Microsoft: PC Hardware, XBox

Tim Stonelake

Hardware Engineering
xLatch, xBose, xLutron

Jay Kothari

Head of Product Management
Google Hardware, Design Platform

Dr. Melissa Steach

Artist. Author. I-O Psychologist

Tony Aug

Founder, NimbleGravity
xCTO, Arrow Electronics

Adam Benzion

SVP Strategic Alliances
Edge Impulse

Byung Cho

ID + CMF Developer,

Josh Bayer

Managing Director
Studio Mega

Per Reinhall

Professor, Founder
UW Mechanical Engineering, VICIS

Casper Sulisz

CEO, Intent
Software - IoT / SaaS

Sam Strickling

Principal of Innovation
Fortive - Tektronix (Fortive)

Tobias Eichenwald

CEO Senic

Grant Morgan

Founder, Investor

Monica Plath

Founder, Little Bird Connected Care

Darin Smedberg


Jono Rosen

Investor, Technologist
xApplied Invention

Euan Abraham

SVP Operations
Serve Robotics, xLatch, xGoPro

Andy Johnson

Product Development

Garret van der Boom

Smarthings Energy, xWink

Santhi Analytis

Founder, Hardware Executive
Moxxly, Gradient

Michael Corr

Founder, CEO
Duro Labs

Narissa Chang

Mechanical Engineering Exec
‍Igor Institute, Nike Digital

Kathy Fedirchuk

HW Program Management
Igor Institute, Bloomberg, Nike Digtial

Tim Fern

Founder, Executive
Kambeo, Canary, Meta, Jawbone

David Colmenares Ph.D

Deep Metrology and ML
Meta, IUNU, Proprio

Mark Vallinga

GTM, Scale Operations, Strategy
Remeha, xJLab, xSonos

Zack Kramer

COO, Operations, Product
COO  Pendrell, xSonos

Tyler Schleich

SVP, Operations

Pete Bernard

Edge Compute SME, GTM, Strategy
Microsoft Azure Edge HW / 5G

Anders Brown

CEO, Managing Director
‍Tegria, Luxsoft, Radius

Sanford Spivey

Pioneer Square Labs. Sonos, Latch

Dave Mathews

CEO, CTO, Inventor, Founder
So so many things....

many more...

lean on and learn from the vast experience of those who have taken the journey before you.

Josh Kornfield
Founder, Tactile Inc.
Conduit Fellow