A  venture studio passionate about the

advancement of human & planetary health

Our mission is to create disruptive businesses that are advancing the overall health and performance of our planet and those who call it home -- by providing the next wave of entrepreneurs the advantage of a venture studio well versed at the intersection of physical & digital

How we do it

We strategically guide entrepreneurs through a rigorous ideation, validation, and product experimentation cycle. And when the market, founder, team and solution align we act as a co-pilot to get off the ground fast, efficiently and with all the resources you will need.

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From "spark" to opportunity

Understand your market, your customers, mature the passion behind your idea and uncover the opportunity-worth-pursing .

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A solid foundation based on data

Before you start designing and engineering anything, it's important to put your idea under the right stress. Rapid experimentation is crucial in generating the signals you need find future success! 

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Full stack physical + digital design and engineering in house

We are a team of that believes market reports and charts aren't the way to build great companies. It's through empathetic human / planet centered design that we will truly connect  customers to great solutions.

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Shared resources, capital investment and company creation.

Now that you a clear plan, early signs of success, and signs of growth ahead... its time we act as a catalyst for your spin-out (Of course, you are always part of the Conduit family; we are always here to support you!)

How we do it (differently than others)

Hardware De-Risking as-a-service

It’s difficult enough building any business, let alone one with hardware. Our focus is in infusing our venture building playbook with earlier that normal hardware architecture, execution, supply chain, deployment and scale risk analysis. It’s imperative we have a strong foundation which we plan to have along journey upon.

Conduit Fellows deliver wisdom-as-capital

”It takes a village” … and this is evenmore important for hardware infused businesses. Conduit is dedicated in thestewardship of a vastly diverse and experience filled community of advisors andmentors for  all of our entrepreneurs andportfolio companies to leverage for their success  

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Licensed Image - Startfy Webflow Template
Licensed Image - Startfy Webflow Template

Let's build something great together!

Open Ideation
‍Q2 2023

Say hello, come ideate on an idea you may be noodling on