TL;DR - Conduit is a startup studio built by those with vast experience in IDEA to Scale hardware+software execution

Conduit represents the deepest bench of hard-tech experts surrounding any company creation platform.

Where we are focusing our attention
Human Health & Performance
IT'S where we'Re coming from

As a team we've been delivering software experiences AND hardware devices that have changed the way humans around the globe have come to interact with and leverage technology to "do more / be more" for decades.

Planetary Health & Performance

We have spent the last few decades obsessed at the intersection of where people and technology intersect. We aim to dedicate this passionate obsession for the decades ahead on the planet and its inhabitants.

TECHNOLOGIES Vectors we build against

Engineering and Execution (not physical and chemistry)

We are not a "deep-tech" incubator. We focus at where the physical and digital intersect -- deploying commodity hardware, sensors and software toward the application of AI/ML to real-world opportunities.  

Sensor Tech / IoT

In order to change our behavior, we need to first capture, observe, and monitor highly accurate and contextual data about the world we live in.

Computer Vision

By deploying intelligent monitoring and tracking capabilities to the edge we can best optimize the way we accomplish everyday tasks.


The deployment of autonomous  intelligence to augment the world we live in has endless possbilites!

Devices / Wear Tech

The objects, tools and technologies that enable us to up level our ability to innovate, create and connect.


We build against a set of principles that mean everything to us

as a team sport

We over Me, Us over I
We're all about leveraging the collective expertise to deliver amazing products launched by an elite squad. - We are the '96 Bulls to your Jordan!

The "will our mom"
approve principle

No jerks allowed
Every Conduit investor, founder, team members, fellow, and strategic partner - you need to pass the can we AirBnB together / pass the Mrs. Patel  weekend visit test.

We win when everyone wins

We are a true co-founder
We have been exactly where you are. We don't seek unbalanced leverage, nor will we present a deal we would not take ourselves.

Meet the crew

We are a integrated team of experienced hardware founders, executives, and builders.
Industry leading resources delivering the deepest bench of hardware partner and mentors

Amish Patel
Founder, Managing Director

Katalyst, Proprio, Microsoft
ReAlign Ventures
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Adelene Tan
Partner, Venture Lead
Head of Playbook & Portfolio Strategy

BCG-Digital Ventures, Fortive
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Susan Paley
Operating Partner, Conduit Beacon,
Human Performance, Partnerships

DropLabs, BeatsByDRE, TechStars
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The Conduit Fellows Network
150+ Mentors, Advisors, Investors

Full-stack, full suite of mentors and advisors who have designed, built, delivered, funded and exited physical tech companies.

🙌🏽 Check our the Conduit Fellows

Tactile Inc

Product Design and Research
We design tools for professionals. A strategic physical and digital product design firm - over 28 designers, engineers and researchers prolific at the intersection of physical and digital.

ID, UX, PD, UR, IxD, UI, ME, Motion
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Igor Institute

Hardware Development
Experts in multi-stage engineering, product leadership, design development and manufacturing support, we at Igor are excited to help build your business and brands.

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ReAlign Ventures

ReAlign Ventures is a venture fund and team focused on the deployment of capital and mentorship to founders across the united states.

Innovation Collective

Innovation Collective exists to provide inspiration, education and entrepreneurization to towns around the world. We help these towns reframe how they view their economy and rally the citizens to build new companies around that new vision.

Coeur d'Alene, Victoria, Brooksville, Huntsville, Federal Way, Sparks, ....

Edge Impulse

Edge Impulse is the edge AI platform for enterprise teams building innovative products. Optimize your models and deploy to any edge device with ease


Our team has over 10+ years experience in delivering connected device projects to the market - we help conceptualize, design and build digital products that work with physical devices

The Conduit Venture Labs Platform

Everything you need to successfully launch a physical tech venture

As a collective community we have built hardware and software experiences used by billions. We also understand how hard it its and what failure looks like. We are investing in creating a full stack "platform" of expertise and resources to enable ANY venture worth creating to have the best chance of success.

The Playbook

We have been constructing our playbook from our past adventures. Focused deeply on customer signal generation and strategic synthesis -- all towards the de-risking and validation of "opportunities worth pursuing"

The Wisdom "Conduit Fellows"

We have and continue to build out tribe of likeminded and experienced bad-asses. We call them the Conduit Fellows. They are here to support our team, founders and companies as they grow!

The Product Development

We run with the best crew in town... we have assembled an integrated product studio across the design, engineering and manufacturing of hardware and software.

The Manufacturing Network

We have called in all of those "favors" from our old friends that have helped us to manufacture billions of units over the years. They are opening their facilities, tools and assembly lines to Conduit.

The Right Partnerships

Across healthcare, human performance, climate and sustainability domains, we know it's imperative to have strategic access to the right corporate enablers and customers before others.

The Correct Capital

We have assembled an awesome capital partner network of venture funds, family offices and strategic angels that know what it will take to achieve the goals Conduit has in mind for our portfolio companies.