Adelene Tan

Adelene Tan

Venture Lead & Portfolio Strategy, Partner

Venture Lead, Partner


Adelene Tan - Venture Lead, Partner

Adelene began her career shaping the physical world as an architect passionate about creating meaningful experiences and functional spaces that humans love to inhabit. From the start, she developed a deep understanding on empathy driven design and the importance of building delightful products when she received her B.A at the University of Pennsylvania. She later graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Design with a Masters of Architecture, where she channeled her efforts toward solving complex and systemic urban problems around affordable housing and earthquake disaster relief through robotics and 3D printing.  

After working at architecture studios in London and Beijing, Adelene leveraged her entrepreneurial spirit and love of building products at BCG X Ventures to launch successful and scalable ventures from the ground up. She deployed her expertise in strategic innovation along with product design and strategy to build new IoT and AI/ML enabled ventures focused on solving the biggest problems in the logistics, industrial, and energy sectors for Fortune 100 companies.

Recently, she joined the Fortive Innovation Studio as an innovation leader, where she led teams to validate, build, and deliver new B2B SaaS businesses centered around the future of work and industrial predictive solutions. She developed tools and processes enabling product portfolios to identify spaces of significant growth opportunity.

Today at Conduit Venture Labs, Adelene continues to push the boundaries of building impactful ventures. With her unique blend of design thinking, strategic foresight and product build, she’s constantly observing the world around her and coming up with new and innovative ideas that have the potential to change the world from the backyard of Los Angeles, CA.

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