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Amish Patel

Managing Director, Founder

Physical-Tech Founder, Multiple 0-1 CPTO, Venture Capital GP


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Amish Patel is an entrepreneur with more than 17 years of experience in executive leadership, product design, technical architecture, and capital fundraising. He has held product leadership roles within Microsoft, specifically on experimental and next-generation products focused on physical tech (Tablet PC, XBOX, Microsoft Wearables, Health). His experience includes leadership and management of design, product, software and hardware R&D groups.

He co-founded Katalyst, the world's first FDA cleared connected full-body wearables device for therapeutic and fitness acceleration, was the VP of Technology for VICIS, and Head of Engineering, Product and Design for Proprio Vision. He recently helped lead the Fortive Innovation Studio, where he identified, validated, raised capital for, developed, and deployed new portfolio business opportunities in the computer vision enabled SaaS domain. He is currently the co-founder of the early stage VC fund, ReAlign Ventures.

Amish’s expertise spans several industries, including health and wellness tech, medical device technology, medical AI, computer vision and robotics, IoT, consumer devices, and deep metrology. He holds a dual Hon. BSc in Computer Science and Economics from the University of Toronto, 2008 and is based in Seattle, WA.

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