About us

We know how to work at the intersection of Physical and Digital

We are focused on applying the world's best sensors, paired with edge-to-cloud software, to power a layer of intelligence powered by ML/AI to tackle those problems that demand the blending of hardware and software!

De-Carbnonization | Energy | AgTech | Sustainability
Health & Wellness | FemTech | Pet and Animal Tech |

0-1s we have founded / led

At Our Core

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The Delta-Force of venture and product building teams

We have designed, built and delivered products to consumers and professionals in the hundreds of millions....

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An entire product studio to De-Risk the hardware execution

‍We know it takes a village, and when it comes to hardware - "Hardware de-risk-as a Service" is our core ethos.

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A network of vast experience and pedigree at your disposal

For any startup, especially those that incorporate hardware, the need for expert advice and wisdom is critical. So we curated over 100+ "Fellows" to be at the Studio and our founders disposal.