A little bit about us,

We love to work at the intersection of physical & digital.

Our belief

The next frontier of venture building must include physical-tech

We focus on infusing our venture building playbook by standing on these critical pillars:

Advance our physical world with the super powered of digital intelligence.

We are focused on applying the world's best sensors, paired with edge-to-cloud software, to power a layer of intelligence powered by ML/AI to tackle those problems that demand the blending of hardware and software!

Hardware Venture Co-pilot
Hardware de-risking and execution as a service

Many hardware founders embark on their startup journey without a detailed navigation plan; or the experience of taking the journey many times before. We aim to provide the "google maps" of climbing Everest before we ever leave for basecamp.


We know it takes a village to support and surround any successful startup. This is even more critical when it comes to complexities and challenges that face hardware infused technologies. So we have gathered over 100 mentors to surround our founders and companies with the experience and wisdom required to accelerate the growth of any physical-tech venture.

Where we have delivered

Our Venture Fund Partner

Conduit Venture Labs is partnered with ReAlign Ventures to support our portfolio companies.